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Valentin Kalika:
(949)293-3844 (cell)

Kiev - Ukraine Wrestling Camp group

International Wrestling Trip to Ukraine (former USSR) June 16-30, 2013

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Contact Valentin Kalika at (949)293-3844

The trip is planned for June 2013. Coaches and Parents are encoraged to travel with wrestlers. Transportation, lodging and meals are provided. There will be up to 2 practice sessions per day plus excursions and sightseeings.

We will stay in Kiev, the Capital of Ukraine. This is great oportunity to be coached by Olympic and World Champions who live and train in Ukraine, and Ukrainian National Team Coaches.

There will be Dual Matches organized between US Team and Local Ukrainian Teams.

Wrestlers of all skill levels will benefit from this trip.

Several World, European and numerous Olympic champions have and continue to train in Ukraine. Some of the wrestlers to have trained in Ukraine's Olympic Centers are:
Anatoly Beloglazov(3-times world champ, Olympic champ),
Sergey Beloglazov(6-times World Champ, 2-times Freestyle Olympic champ), Mike Harachura(1978 World champ), Pavel Pinigin(4-times World champ, Olympic champ), Elbrus Tedeev(3-times World champ, 2004 Olympic Champion), to name a few

Valid USA Passport or Travel Document required. Start the process now as it takes up to 6 weeks to obtain a Passport. UKRAINE ENTRY VISA IS IS NOT REQUIRED FOR US CITIZENS.

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  • Pricing:
    The price for this trip is: $3,000. Price includes airline tickets, accomodations and transfers in Ukraine, 3 meals a day, practices, dual meets, sightseeing)

Some of the National Level wrestlers from California who attended the International Wrestling Camp: Jason Lara (2007 GIF State - 1st place), Garrett Drucker (2007 GIF State - 1st place), Ryan Flores (2007 GIF State - 1st place), Mike Vassar (2007 GIF State - 3rd place), Nick Knowles (2007 GIF State - 3rd place), Justin Arredondo (2007 GIF State - 7th place), Nathan Morgan, David Jauregui, Billy Murphy, Yuri Kalika, Caleb Flores, Andrew Rogers.

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